Architectural Specifications for Flush Wall Door

Architectural door specifications are an important part of the design of interior doors. When choosing to install interior doors, homeowners should carefully consider the features of these products to ensure they have all of the functionality they will need. In fact, flush door specifications can make or break a door’s ability to perform its job efficiently. A poorly designed flush door will have issues that will impact both its efficiency and its longevity.

First, flush door specifications require that the interior door is manufactured with a smooth interior surface. It is common for flush doors to be manufactured using textured wood. The effect this has on the door is that the textured surface makes it much more likely to develop gaps. Gaps in the doors are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and moisture. This can lead to mould and other problems that impact the structural integrity of the door.

Architectural door specifications also require that the flush wood doors are made from a high grade wood. A good flush door should contain a rich blend of colours and grains. Common wood colours include; mahogany, oak, maple and cherry. A door should not only look good, it should also perform to its highest standard. All of the best quality flush door will be manufactured using solid wood in high quantities.

Architectural doors will often contain core doors, which are a solid board connected to a wooden frame. A core door is much like a board which is glued into a wooden frame with a series of wooden ties. The core door will have no external hinges. The wood will be bound into place with these core doors so that they remain fixed together.

It should be remembered that the flush interior doors will be subject to knocks and bumps with other interior doors as well as dust and general knocks and bumps. When an Architectural door is placed against an exterior door, it will need to be designed to cope. The Architectural door will need to have a minimum thickness of around 0.6cm. If you need further information on what these minimum thicknesses are… view our website.

Architectural doors are an extremely important requirement if you have any plan to sell your house or rent it. They offer a competitive edge over others when it comes to home decoration and are far more likely to be selected as excellent home improvement products for your house/flat. Your property will look exceptionally great with flush interior doors and will increase its value drastically. In summary… view our website for more information on Architectural Door Specifications.

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