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The Flush Door is a patented wiring-ready sliding pocket door system. Its integrated structure makes it ideal for accentuating passageways and defining entry looks. The wall panel accommodates up to ten electrical boxes. Its special internal structure also enables you to install switches near the passage. The system comes in white, black, and silver finishes for any room’s decor.

Designed for use in both interior and exterior applications, this flush sliding door wall panel is available in double, triple, and pocket versions. For installation, you must route the panel along the upper profile. It is available in widths of 600 to 1300 mm. It is also available in Vitro and 650 mm. It has a melamine coating. Its sleek design hides technical compartments, switchboards, and more.

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Concealed Inswing Door

You have the choice of buying the complete flush door set which includes the concealed door frame with hidden hinges PLUS the flush door panel. This is the most convenient package for the average home owner builder.

Concealed Outswing Door

You also have the option of just buying the Hidden Door Frame and supplying your own door panel. In some instances this can be a benefit for the customer and reduces the lead time by up to 4 weeks weight reduction.

Frameless Interior Door

The Hidden Hinges are always included with the concealed door frame. So no matter what you decide on, we are flexible in our services. With the onset of more modern home designs, the demand for this type of door.

Complete Hidden Door Set vs. Hidden Frame & Hidden Hinges

A flush sliding door wall panel is a perfect choice for any bathroom. The sleek, modern look of these panels blends into the background, making your home feel more comfortable. Aside from being functional, flush sliding doors are also a great way to add style and elegance to your bathroom. Read on to learn more about these wall panels and how they can enhance your bathroom. You will be glad you added them to your home! Whether you’re redecorating or adding a new one, flush sliding door wall panels can give your bathroom a fresh look.

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Euro Vista Multi Slide(tm)

Whether your needs are for a traditional or modern appearance, Euro Vista Multi Slide flush sliding doors are a great choice. These doors have flush embedded sills, stainless steel hardware, and EZ Glide(tm) roller systems. The Euro Vista Multi Slide can be used to create all season rooms or to open up an existing room. They are available in two and five-track configurations and are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Unlike traditional door hinges, EZYJamb has no trim around the door frame, which gives it a sleek appearance and modern feel. Its concealed hinges are made of cold-rolled steel for strength, and the split design of the EZYJamb creates a clean, contemporary look. The design is ideal for both commercial and residential applications, and is available in both custom and standard sizes. RocYork is committed to high environmental management and uses recycled materials in its manufacturing process.

They look fantastic and having no trim for these feature doors was the right decision.  So, I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for Flush Doors that are easy to install – according to my contractor at least.
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Indoor Flush Wall

These doors are available in a variety of panel finishes, including powder-coat finishes, and interior wood cladding options. They offer the smallest sightlines and maximum panel to glass ratios available. The system is available in different sizes and configurations, and it has a 10-year warranty. A European-designed door is guaranteed to last for years. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to achieve the desired appearance. Designed to be concealed and durable, EZYJamb flush-to wall door hinges are a perfect fit for any home. The unique mechanism of this hinge eliminates exposed doorposts and hinges for a sleek and streamlined look. Available for wood or metal doors and frames, the EZYJamb system is a complete door solution. This system is available with an extensive array of accessories and is compatible with all door styles.